Boosting Sales and Profits With Focus Selling

Boosting Sales and Profits With Focus Selling (Set 1 of 3)

This sales and profit producing program is all about Focusing on the Right Clients and Prospects with the Right Frequency, with the Right Data Base Selling Tools, with the Right Solutions, with the Right Timing, with the Right Presentation, with the Right Skills and with the Right Attitude.

Topics Include:
– Capitalising on Up and Down Economies
– Targeting & Data Base SellingNeeds Analysis, Proposal Selling and Tendering
– Quick but Lasting Rapport with Clients
– Handling Objections, Closing The Sale and Maximising Additional Sales Opportunities
– Making the Telephone Pay
– No-Nonsense “How To’s” for Sales Management
– Put Sizzle into your Sales Meetings
– Hitting Targets and Getting “Pull Through” From Your People
– Attracting, Keeping and Motivating People

This program is extremely valuable to those business owners, managers, salespeople, sales managers and marketers who have to pro-actively target and contact clients and customers to gain, develop and retain their business. The processes in this program have helped South African Companies increase as much as 300% in sales year on year.