Utilising Innovative Marketing Tools

Utilising Innovative Marketing Tools (Module 27)

The top sales professionals today are not only people with sales skills, they are people with superb personal marketing skills as well. This module is designed to help salespeople amplify the company and themselves, and increase frequency by using innovative marketing tools. Participants will put together the content for their own “personal marketing” concepts, develop personalized and unique faxes, emails and post cards. In a brainstorming session, ideas such as trophies, certificates, awards, unique gifts, calendars, and other professional items will be explored for the specific industry and target clients. Extensive samples and templates are provided to build the most effective tools. This module is useful for sales and marketing team members alike. Visual examples, personal experiences and groups discussion will inspire students to ‘want to’ capitalize on the value of creating innovative marketing tools that will distinguish and promote the sales team in the marketplace.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Put together a strong personal marketing brochure or CV on themselves or on the sales team. (to be approved by the company).
• Develop and utilize Personal Postcards for frequent contact with clients (can be electronic).
• Help management and marketing with the development of special trophies, certificates and awards that could have a positive effect on client relationships when presented.
• Come up with a list of unique gifts the company and salesperson may use in building relationships.