The Professional Salesperson: The Negotiator

The Professional Salesperson:  The Negotiator (Module 18)

With the Objection Handling Module under their belt the students are well equipped as a negotiator. In this module, students will be exposed to the 7 Basic Rules of Negotiating, learn the Barriers to Getting an Agreement and what the qualities are of a good negotiator. This module provides that you don’t necessarily get what you deserve in life: more often, you get what you negotiate.

Upon completion the students will be able to:

Recognise and effectively use the three barriers to an agreement in a positive productive manner:
– Emotions
– Perceptions
– Communications

Measure themselves against the qualities of a good negotiator and implement a plan of action to improve these qualities within themselves.

Put valuable tips to work in their life to improve their own self-worth which is one of the keys to effective negotiating. Integrate the “how-to’s” of the 7

Basic Rules of Negotiating when interacting with others in both their business and personal lives:
1.    Know the Other Person (s)
2.    Eliminate the Surprises
3.    Negotiate from Strength
4.    Be Committed
5.    Never Underestimate the Other Person
6.    Know Your Final Alternative
7.    Avoid Embarrassing the Other Person