Telephone Approaches

Telephone Approaches (Module 10)

A salesperson often has to get on the telephone and make outgoing telephone calls to set appointments with present and potential clients. This module is devoted to assisting the student on how to effectively do that. One top producer says, “don’t use a boring script. Be unique, offer something fresh and new because people like to keep up with the times with something fresh and new. Be sure to be helpful. Display confidence and enthusiasm and don’t sound like you are begging or are a bother!” This module is about helping students learn to put this into practice.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Practice the skills of making outgoing telephone calls in order to gain appointments
• Demonstrate the ability to build their own personal telephone approach through the use of a proven Telephone Approach Format.
• Apply knowledge of ‘how to’ deal with ‘screeners’ (those people who seem to block salespeople from reaching the decision maker).