Rapport Building Strategies

Rapport Building Strategies (Module 5)

“The absolute number one factor in selling today is ability to build rapport.” This module teaches salespeople to shift gears and come out of their comfort zones to build rapport with the buyer. They will learn to match, mirror and pace which is the rhythm of communications; and they will recognize their core visual, auditory, kinesthetic (feeling) senses, and utilize these skills with listening and feedback skills. Role playing and various exercises will allow students to adjust, drop the role, mirror and talk the language, anchor the responses and become a real listener (70% of the sale is listening to the buyer). This module develops the conscious necessity of becoming a ‘Master Rapport Builder’.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Shift their own inner perspective in order to interact with and understand others more effectively
• Recognise where they, as a salesperson, could be caught in a role and how to drop the role and become more sincere.
• Practise and be skilled in matching, mirroring and pacing in building rapport and trust with others

Identify the language that can create barriers and know the language and terms that appeal to others
Use verbal, environmental, personal contact and body language and facial expression to produce a specific response with another person

Be a complete listener by utilizing:

– effective door openers
– passive listening
– acknowledgement phrases
– active listening
– utilizing questioning