Preparation Before Making the Call

Preparation Before Making the Call (Module 12)

This module is about ‘90% preparation, 10% perspiration’. In other words, if you are well prepared in advance of meeting the client you are 90% there. In this module we look at why we are calling. Is it an information call, VIP call, a courtesy call or a call to gain business? Have we identified the right person to see? Have we gathered advantageous information in advance? The use of a ‘Call Objective Card’, carrying the right tools and selling at the right level is a key here.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Determining the type of sales call that is going to be made on that visit and how to put together and utilize a quick analysis “checklist”
• Design and use “Call Objective Cards”
• Understand and know which set of skills it takes to sell effectively at the Product and Specific Service Selling Level, the Relationship Selling Level and the Customer and Solution Focused Selling Level.