Pre and After Sales Account Building

Pre and After Sales Account Building (Module 24)

After the sale is made, the relationship building has still just begun. In this module, students are taught the value of relationship building by utilizing company V.I.P. functions, sending useful media clippings, and providing learning materials, free tickets to entertainment and sporting events and other functions. They will also learn how to utilize special days, weeks and months to build the relationships with clients. In addition, they will learn the “how-to’s” of buying from clients, sending them business and maximizing referral business from clients.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Utilise V.I.P. functions and events to a maximum with present and potential clients.
• Build a Special Days, Weeks, Months Board and an Upcoming Events/ Functions Board to help build relationships with clients.
• Professionally and respectfully gather valuable leads (referrals) from clients and associates.