Making Pressure Work for You

Making Pressure Work for You (Module 42)

“Never before have we had to do so much with so little time and so few resources.” The hectic pace of today’s workplace combined with trying to balance, work, play, home and social lives takes a toll on salespeople, executives and staff at all levels in companies around the world. These factors, with a blend of constant change and high pressure in a turbulent marketplace severely erode profit and productivity This module is a must in today’s world of Selling.

If salespeople can reduce their stress by even a small bit, they will realize a major difference in the way they interact with clients, family, business associates and themselves.

Awareness is the key. Many people are stressed and do not even know who they are.
In this module, one of the tools that will be provided to the students is the Stress Thermometer. The purpose of this tool is to help salespeople become  aware of where they are on the stress scale at different times and in different situations through the day. The students will be given the ‘how to’s’ of dealing with both positive and negative stress at the various points on the Stress Thermometer. Students will also learn to balance their three types of time: Alone Time, One to One Time, and Group Time.

Upon completion the students will be able to:
• Utilize the Stress Thermometer to make stress work for them rather than have stress work against them.
• Reduce personal stress by balancing their three types of time in their life.