Handling Objections

Handling Objections (Module 17)

All objections, questions, awkward situations and hurdles for moving the sales process forward are easy to handle providing you are prepared in advance for them. This module helps categorise the different types of objections and how to handle each of them in a calm but effective manner. Part of this module will be a generic objection handling guide with 100 of the top objections salespeople get and 3 to 10 different ways to handle each one.

Upon completion the students will be able to:

Utilise the 7 Winning Objection Handling Strategies
1. Find the Real Objection
2. Don’t Overreact
3. Confirm the Objection
4. Don’t Argue
5. Handle at the Right Time
6. Respond with a Sales Point
7. Categorise and Handle

Handle the following types of objections
– Misunderstanding or confusion
– Skepticism
– Hidden or False
– Genuine
– Lack of Interest
– Lack of Sales Ability
– Respond with ease on Price Objections
– Utilise ‘soft openers’ when responding to objections, questions and challenges