Motor Industry Sales System

Motor Industry Training System

The SALES ACCELERATOR program was custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the motor industry need to develop automotive sales consultants.

It is a customized program adapted from both the Complete Sales Action System™ and the Managing Complex Business Relationship System (both published by Knowledge Brokers International Ltd). The SALES ACCELERATOR is comprised of strategies for prospecting and negotiations specifically for the automotive industry, this content is unique to Automotive Performance Training Systems. From our corporate research, we found direct co-relation between an increase in sales and giving a “totally satisfying” test-drive to a qualified prospect. The more “outstanding test-drives”, the more sales the dealerships made. Based on tracking system, quality assurance, and rewarding or test-drives with staff, we have built tools that dealer principles and sales managers can use to step on the SALES ACCELERATOR.

The top sales producers from both foreign and domestic automotive manufacturers were analyzed in great detail. The results of the study noted that three critical skill sets were present among all top producers regardless of which manufacture they sold for. The three critical skills in selling automobiles are Prospecting, Vehicle Demonstrations and Sales Negotiating. This system can be easily customized to suit the needs of both in-dealer and fleet sales people.

Section 1: Prospecting Continually

Every professional sales consultant needs to continually search for past, present and potential clients that are ready, willing and able to purchase a vehicle that you sell.

This section covers:

– Targeting the right prospects
– Prospecting from the inside-out
– High impact prospecting methods
– Prospecting systems
– Prospecting tips

Section 2: Presenting, Demonstrating and Test Driving a Motor Vehicle

Top car sales producers understand the relationship between test drives and closing deals. The fact is that the more pre-qualified prospects that can be taken on a professionally executed vehicle demonstration and test-drive the greater the sales volume. The benefits of the test drive are many fold; the prospect feels important due to the investment of time and energy by the sales consultant, while the customer experiences a multi-sensory connection with the benefits of the vehicle.

This section covers:

– Qualifying the prospects & uncovering buying motives
– Systematic Vehicle Presentations
– Benefits of Demonstrations and Test Drives
– Demonstration car check
– Test drive preparation
– Test drive tips

Section 3: Negotiating for Success

Think of sales negotiating, and what usually comes to mind? Haggling? Giving in? Dropping the price to save the deal? The truth is, sales negotiating is an art and a science than must begin long before you come face to face with the client if you want to close the sale without eroding your margins. This section provides a wealth of information, tools and techniques to assist sales consultants negotiate the best deal in favor of their dealership.

This section covers:

– 7 basic rules of negotiating
– Barriers to an agreement
– The qualities of a good negotiator
– Trade-in appraisal improvement
– Motor industry negotiating tips
– Handling price objections

What our clients say:

We have never had cause to regret the choice as the Sales Action System delivered everything we had hoped and is continuing to do so. Unofficial advance information indicates that the recent independent market research places BMW SA in first position.

This may be due in part to the training of Service Advisors by Bill (author of the MITS) with follow up sessions for Dealer Principals and Service Managers.

John Whittall
Manager, After-Sales and Systems Training
BMW South Africa

McCarthy Nissan has benefited in ways that are difficult to quantify empirically, but you will be pleased to know that since the training started, our franchise has enjoyed a year-on-year increase in sales volumes against other non-McCarthy Nissan dealers. Our attitude surveys and customer care index also show that levels of satisfaction surpass achievements of other dealers in our industry. This can only be due to the professionalism of our sales staff. …On a more personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the process and have achieved things in my own job that would have been extremely difficult without the skills taught through the Complete Sales Action System™.

Helen Brown
HR Manager
McCarthy Nissan (Over 100 Dealerships)