Starting Where You Are At

Starting Where You Are At (Module 20)

An old sea captain was once asked what information he needed to reach a certain destination.  His answer was, two pieces of information!

“The first piece… the actual location of the destination, e.g. London, England.  And the second piece is… I have to know where I’m at on the ocean before I start, in order to get to London.”

Module 20 is devoted to helping the sales person complete a 30 minute snapshot to determine where he/she is presently at in reference to how effective he/she is as a sales person right now.  Sales people will get a quick solid look at their supporting and opposing factors, learn how to move opposing factors into strengths, eliminate them, or reduce them.  While supporting factors will be identified for their ability to accentuate them.  The tools will be used in a variety of practical exercises to show the possibilities of how to use a “30 Minute Snapshot” during a sale.  Once there are put into place, this module will have identified all of the items necessary for actions to be taken in the next module.