Business Owner Development Program

Bill Gibson’s Business Owner Development Program for Economic Development

……Working together for economic growth!

Designed to grow local economies through the use of Bill Gibson’s proprietary intellectual property that launched over 5,000 business across Canada and has been utilized by over 1,000,000 seminar attendees globally.

The Business Owner Development program is not just about developing entrepreneurs, its about helping the ones who have a business develop their businesses to remain healthy and a vibrant part of your local economy.

Why has the Bill Gibson Business Owner Development Program been a revolutionary breakthrough in Business Owner/Manager training? In the 1980’s Bill Gibson introduced training, content, and coaching into a complete knowledge transfer of business skills that got results across Canada for many years.

The popularity of this program is based on the fact that is accomplished the following:

–          Inspires enrolees to action;

–          Provides immediate usable ideas and skills on “How to” improve business within any economy

–          Supports participants with a guaranteed follow-through system of lessons and one-to-one coaching and tutoring at the workplace

–          Delivers tangible, measurable results for the participants and the business.

Effective Lectures, seminars, and training sessions inspire participants and teach usable skills. A shortcoming with even the best seminars is that there is no follow-through or way to realistically measure the results of the training lessons investment by the business or sponsoring government body or secretariat.

The Bill Gibson Business Owner Development Program uniquely combines the strengths the strengths of both classroom training sessions on-site training advisory lessons- at a very reasonable investment to the independent business person. The seminars combined with on-site visits differentiates our program from most other entrepreneurial training programs. This is why it is so successful.

Today’s rapid social, economic, technological, and competitive changes provide a special challenge to the independent owner or manager of small to medium size businesses who usually do not have the resources to cope in a satisfactory manner. There is a real need for practical solutions to provide the necessary assistance to these entrepreneurs who are the real driving force in the Economy of your country. Existing training programs are often geared to the larger companies. The widely divergent cultures of the large and small business dictate the need for a distinct and separate approach for each sector.

The Bill Gibson Business Owner Development Program provides practical “non-academic” training revolving around real world situations and the implementation of Bill Gibson’s knowledge as a proven system for enhancing key owner/management skills. Such skills will accelerate the maturity of the small to medium size business owners, managers, and key employees to assist their local enterprises to remain dynamic and competitive contributors to their economies.

The Bill Gibson Business Owner Development Program is tested and proven. More than 5,000 businesses have completed the program across Canada and the tools and systems implemented have made the various libraries of Bill Gibson’s stories and tools within the Business Success Series, The Complete Sales Action System, Managing Complex Business Relationships, The Professional Sales Representative Career Program, the book Boosting Your Business In Any Economy, and various audio and video system support tools developed and published over the last 30 years.

Bill Gibson’s Business Owner Development Program History

In 1988 as the Canadian Government was investing in training and development for entrepreneurs to pull-out of the recession, Bill Gibson launched his own version using content he developed with various other trainers within the umbrella company Newport Marketing the first of the Bill Gibson Business Owner Development Programs in 16 rural communities across Canada from one coast to the next. The programs where sponsored with various Colleges, Chambers of Commerce, and Boards of Trade.

In 1989 the 12 month program was repeated in over 17 communities, of which half were new communities across Canada.

In 1990, the success of the programs had been noticed, and many of the provinces where beginning to run their own programs modeled after the Bill Gibson style of promoting and running Business Owner Development Programs. During that year, 20 new communities received the business owner development program. In addition, 10 of the previous communities where integrated into a Hiring, Keeping, and Developing Productive People program to assist in their growth from taking part in the 12 month program.

In 1991, the Business Owner Development Programs began to take their own brand name, and the system successfully made an impact on the Canadian economy and rural development, changing the landscape of Economic Development programs for years to come.

Bill Gibson was labelled during this timeframe Canada’s #1 Business Speaker and presented to over 500,000 people across Canada.

Business Owner Development Program Key Elements

–          A 10 month non-traditional Owner/Management Program by trainers advanced in the systems and practical information gathered in proven to achieve results.

–          In most cases, only 45 non-competing businesses are accepted

–          2 key people per business are enrolled

–          Program details (Evening seminars held in the communities) based on the Business Success Series there are over 14 seminars for comprehensive and in-depth implementation

–          All staff from each business may attend 3 of the 14 seminars at no extra charge

–          Every month, each business receives 3 hours of consulting from a professional BODP Advisor who works directly with each registered business to help implement positive changes in the business. In addition to the on-site Advisor visits, the Business Advisor coordinates group breakfast sessions once a month for two (2) hours. Business topics of current  general interest in the local community will be selected each time and will form the basis of these group discussions.

–          Bi-monthly each business receives a copy of the exclusive program newsletter “The Business Advisor”. This is a menu of enrolee business success stories.

–          All Businesses will have free access to the regional Audio and Video training materials of Knowledge Brokers International and the Business Owner Development Program. Including, access to the Business Success Series.

–          A maximum of 212 hours per business or 106 hours per participant providing the two key participants attend all seminars, workshops, on-site visits, and small group round table discussions.

–          Total business investment for this unique program is dependent on the regional economic pricing, sponsors, and government available funding. For example, in Canada the pricing was $3500 with 75% financial assistance from the local employment centre, where by the end cost was $875 per participant. The pricing will greatly depend on the region and team implementing the program to suit the needs of your country/market.

Intensive Community Economic Development Program Including Regional Capacity Building Sessions for municipal personnel, community leaders, politicians, and key influencers.


Component #1:

The Business Success Series 6 audio cds, learning and implementation manuals, and results based tracking mechanisms. Distributed to 6000 businesses for major immediate impact.

Component #2

The Business Success Series – 1 Day Seminars of 9 live sessions and training for 900 businesses

Component #3

10 Month Business Owner / Entrepreneurial Development Program of 15 seminars + Personal Business Advisor / Coach)

Component #4

7 month Intrapreneurial Capacity Building Program (8 Seminars + Personal Business Advisor / Coach) for 50 Key Municipal Personnel – In-depth Training and Attention.

Component #5

7 Month Social Economic Development & Capacity Building Program (8 Seminars / Advisors / Coach) for 50 community leaders, politicians, and key influencers within the community.

With these 5 components, the communities will be able to run their own regional development programs and have the opportunity to change the way Economic Development programs impact your Country as proven in Canada. The system gives results in just one year and the impact is sure to give results in your current government term in office. Build a sustainable economy with the intensive Business Owner Development Program for your communities.


Making it happen for your Country and Economic Development Strategy!

In order to begin a Business Owner Development Program in your respective country a “knowledge map” will be developed identifying the funding partners, local talent, necessary training and implementation time, the preliminary scheduling of the 14 seminars over a 10 month period, and regional support systems and offices within the target communities. A program can begin with as many as 20 communities at one time, however, considerable effort and partnerships with Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Boards of Trade, Co-operatives, and Community officials is necessary for the success in promoting and launching the community program. Delegating representatives may want to go to the communities of which a program is awarded and work on a Marketing To Your Community session to ensure the buy-in, promotion, and implementation is a success.

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