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Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down. Are You Ready to Profit From This Massive Change?

If used effectively social media can be effective in increasing reach, stakeholder engagement and reducing traditional marketing and service costs.  Often organizations want to use social media because it’s “the next big thing” and although this may be true, we still need a solid set of goals, benchmarks and training for staff in order to drive results with Social Media Marketing. Some of our social media solutions include:

Social Media Marketing “Launch Program”

The social media marketing “launch program” is a step-by-step process we can walk through with your organization.  Although social media are a relatively intuitive set of marketing and communications tools many organizations need help training their team and building up intitial momentum. Your launch plan will include:

  • A solid social media marketing plan to ensure that you launch effectively
  • Access and training on the key tools of engagement including video, blogging. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Ning.
  • Training and coaching on the “rules of engagement” in social media
  • Assistance in developing an event promotion strategy that incorporates social media
  • An optional fully functioning WordPress blog with multi-topic/multi-blogger functionality
  • Additional Grassroots Marketing strategies that will assist you organization to dominate the competition online.

Keynote Seminars

  • Sociable! – Our most popular keynote is Based upon Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger’s new book “Sociable!” How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down”  [Download Chapter 1]
  • Guerrilla Social Media Marketing – A collaboratively developed program produced in partnership with Guerrilla Marketing International and Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Integrating Social Media into Your Sales and Marketing – A must attend for marketing and sales managers, directors and senior executives

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