Top Sales 2.0 Bloggers and Podcasters

Here at Knowledge Brokers we have to stay on top of all of the major sales and marketing trends globally. It’s a lot of work to sift through the volume of great strategy, best practices and insights that are found on the web. This is one of the reasons that it so important to search out thought leaders and specialists from various aspects of selling. Here are some of our favorite sales and social media experts and some of their blog posts of the week:

Dan Waldschmidt (@DanWaldo)  shares a new business intelligence tool that will help you learn more about your prospects: Edgy Technology – Flowtown Takes it Personally.

Anthony Iannarino (@iannarino) talks about: Two Sales 2.0 Offerings That Enable Sales 1.0

Tibor Shanto (@renbor) talks about why finding the customers’ pain may be the wrong focus for sales people: Saturday Sales Tip -21

Bill Rice (@kaleidico) talks about: Lead Management the Secret to Lead Buying

Jim Keenan shares a software tool with us that could be a game changer for many in: More Time for Videos

Cindy King (@cindyking) shares a powerful networking and community building strategy she calls “Twitter Interviews

Skip Anderson (@skipanderson) reviews a winning Korean Air Ad and talks about why it’s so successful: When TV Ads Work

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