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Get a quick start in 2006

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

by Bill Gibson

In sales you cannot afford to lose your momentum. My gift to you in the new year as a professional in the field of selling is a few proven tips that will help you start 2006 on a high note.

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•  See people
One way to quickly get in front is to do a large number of courtesy calls, service calls, birthday calls, etc. It is a soft approach to moving to action and getting to see clients and building momentum rather than sitting in the office.

•  Go home
If your schedule is not booked several weeks in advance, take a few days, go home or find a quiet spot and get on the phone and “book out” your schedule two to five weeks in advance.

•  Move your mind
Get your mind moving by sifting through your data base or contact lists. This will trigger new thoughts and opportunities. If the mind gets moving the body will follow.

•  Avoid only seeing problem clients
Getting stuck into dealing with clients who have issues to be solved can slow down even the most senior account executives. Try to see as many “bright lights people or pleasurable people” as possible in January.

•  Newness
Early in the year, try some new idea, new avenues to find prospects, talk to other salespeople and pick up some new approaches and look for new opportunities and new products.

•  Set your goals and targets
Having a focus on a self-determined destiny or goal is one of the qualities consistently found in people who are high achievers. Achievable goals create happy people. Set goals for:

1. High self esteem
2. Happy, loving relationships
3. Mental improvement
4. Good health, energy and vitality
5. A successful career and financial security
6. An enhanced spiritual life

Bill Gibson is the author of The Business Success Series, The Complete Sales Action System and The Managing Complex Business Relationships System as well as the author of several business books and publications. He is the chairman of Knowledge Brokers International S.A. (Pty) Ltd. He can be reached on 011-784 1720 or