Sales and Marketing Training Systems & Solutions

By Knowledge Brokers International (KBI)

Delivering Solutions In Canada, USA, South Africa, South America, Middle East, Europe

We consult, speak, train, customize and license training and business building systems and processes in the areas of sales, sales management, personal marketing, entrepreneurship, customer service, social media marketing, and call centre training on collections, inbound and outbound selling and customer service. KBI’s content, processes and systems are developed by Bill Gibson and Shane Gibson.

Sales Training

Feedback from Shane Gibson’s Training…“During the first three months after your first session we increased unit sales of this product by 15% and we increased gross revenue by an amazing 85%”. We train for measurable results.

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Sales Training Systems

Up to 300% sales increase in months by…targeting the right clients, with the right frequency, right data base selling tools, right solutions, right timing, right presentation, right skills and right attitude…that sums up our systems and processes.

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Speakers Bureau

“If I had a nickel for everyone who said to me “wasn’t Bill Gibson fabulous” this letter would be post marked from Florida! Thanks for everything. It was great working with a professional”.

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Sales Books and Tools

Shane Gibson’s Closing Bigger – The Field Guide To Closing Big Deals Book, Bill Gibson’s audio CD and implementation manual programs like Boosting Sales & Profits With Focus Selling, Making Personal & Corporate Marketing & Advertising Really Pay and Turning Entrepreneurial Spirit Into Business Opportunities will keep you on top of your game. More information

Sales Blogs

Motivate, refresh, develop, and advance your sales and management skills 24/7 by following the Knowledge Brokers Sales Blogs. Our experienced skilled bloggers keep you a breast of the latest in sales, sales management and business by interacting with you daily. Log on! More Information
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Blogs are only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is turning sales and marketing upside down. KBI's social media programs, seminars, and books like “Sociable” by Shane Gibson and Stephan Jagger helps you profit from this trend. Become Sociable©! More Information

Call Centre & Collections

KBI’s outbound and inbound sales and service programs ensure that add-on’s and up-sells are capitalized on and opportunities are not missed. Our collections program helps ensure that your collectors “get the money & keep the client”. Our mission…”to take call centre agents and team leaders to new levels of effectiveness and professionalism”. Expect even more from KBI! More Information

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service cannot be reduced only to a checklist of actions and standards. It is the shifting and changing of your staff’s customer care beliefs, values, perceptions, attitudes and thoughts that produces a positive customer experience. It happens from the inside-out. It is about going beyond service to super service. That’s our focus! More Information
5000 business owners graduated from Bill Gibson’s 6 -10 month Canadian Business Owner Development Programs, the European Union sponsored the Business Success Series Programs in South Africa and the Saudi Government recently co-sponsored the training of 200 students in Arabic on Bill’s 43 module Professional Sales Representative Career Program. Entrepreneurship and Economic Development…that’s us! More Information